How to use our 24K Gold soap

Posted by Administrator on 1/6/2015
With the dizzying array of new skincare products on the market today, it can be tough to decide how and when to use a new product in your daily skin regime. That is why we at Amber Cove would like to take this time to hopefully answer some questions you may have about this product. 

First, our 24k Gold soap is a great way to start and end your day. You can use it in the morning as your morning face wash. You can also use it at night to remove your make up. Though it will not be replacing your eye makeup remover, it can effectively remove the rest of your facial makeup. You may use a washcloth, one the exfoliating spin-brushes, or your hands. It lathers up quickly and not much is needed for the face. 

Second, you can use our soap as a body wash and we recommend it! It is an amazingly natural soap and, compared to most the body washes on the market, it has better ingredients. It is also great as a body acne wash and still has the same effects as if you were to use it on your face. I wouldn't put it where it will get wet all the time. Bar soaps can melt away if continuously exposed to water. I like to leave mine on the side of my shower where the head doesn't beat water on it. 

Third, it can be combined with other products such as Retin-A, Retinol, AHA's, and BHA's. In my personal experience, I would suggest waiting approximately twenty minute after you wash your face before applying other products. I would also use my Retin-A and Retinol before I go to bed. 

For example, if I had my 24k Gold soap, Retin-A, sunscreen, and an AHA cream I would use them like this: 
  • Wash face with 24k Gold soap (wait approximately 20 minutes)
  • Use my AHA cream (wait approximately 20 minutes) 
  • Apply sunscreen (wait approximately 20 minutes) 
  •  If you use makeup or any other facial product, I would wait another 20 minutes before applying it. 
  •  Remove eye make-up 
  •  Remove rest of make up with 24k gold soap (wait approximately 20 minutes) 
  •  Apply Retin-A 

Tip: Leave your Retin-A on your night stand (if it is safe for you to leave out). You can apply right before you go to bed. You don't forget.

 Additional thoughts: We think that our soap is a good replacement for all your facial soaps, body soaps, and hand soaps. Not just because we love it! It has only natural and pure ingredients that will help your skin be the best it can be. 

Now, go read your soap labels. Then read ours. Do the ingredients sound like something you should be using to clean your bathtub? Or, are they pure and simple like our ingredients? There are many soaps that may smell and look wonderful but, do you really need all these chemicals on your skin? We, at Amber Cove, strongly believe we must protect our skin by reading product labels before use. 

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Date: 4/16/2015
How's it going I'm a thirty something male and you mentioned before putting anything on your face after using the Amber Cove 24k Soap to wait 20 minutes. Why is that? Also I use moisturizers and face serums to reduce fine lines. Is it harmful to put moisturizers and face serums on your face right after washing with Amber Cove 24k Soap? Or is is harmful to put moisturizers and face serums on your face after washing with Amber Cove 24k Soap less than 20mins?
Amber Cove
Date: 4/17/2015
Hello, To my best knowledge, it is not harmful . It was more of recommendation from a dermatologist. Especially for serums and creams, so that they have time to absorb in your skin before you put the next product on. I hope this was helpful. Sincerely, Amber Cove

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