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An inundating amount of soaps color the shelves at your local store. This can be great when you want some variety. Some exfoliate, moisturize, contain scent, and contain no scented. The list goes onward. A copious amount of them, even several of the most expensive products, contain some of the same ingredients. It makes one wonder if someone designs a new package, adds a new scent, and calls the result a new soap. This can make it hard to pick out a decent soap. How do you know what your using is safe? You're in luck. Amber Cove, the distributor of the luxurious 24k gold soap composes a new edition of blogs. The blogs inform consumers about some of the "not-so-great" ingredients most commonly used in many soaps. In this first edition, the discussion concerns Sodium Laureth Sulfate(SLS or SLES). 

WOW, that's a lot of soap! 

 Sodium laureth sulfate creates foaminess. 

 WHAT, is it? 
 Normally, soaps use coconut or palm oil to create sodium laureth sulfate. By distillation, each of the fatty acids separate into small proportions. Lauric fatty acid is long, containing 12 carbons. A reduction reaction changes it to an alcohol. Then, it is combined with ethylene oxide. Sodium laureth sulfate results from the chemical reaction.

 NOW, is it safe to use? 

 That is the debate among many. Now, on shelves you will find "sulfate free" or "SLS free" soaps. 

 WHY the sudden change? 

 Many people believe that this ingredient is a carcinogen. This may not be true. It is a mild irritant, especially when it gets in your eyes or is ingested. Some people may be more sensitive than others. It may irritate your scalp. The irritation increases when a higher percentage of SLS is used in the product.

 WAIT! So now it is "okay" to use?

 Well, not exactly. The claims contain some foundation. SLS is considered safe provided you are not sensitive to it. The contaminant 1,4-dioxane creates concern. Sometimes, a small quantity of this containment is found in SLS. In small quantities, it should not pose much of a health risk. However, 1,4 dioxane is a carcinogen.

 HOW do we know that a product containing SLS is okay?

 We don't. WE REALLY DON'T KNOW. You can trust the manufacturer, or you can LOOK FOR PRODUCTS WITHOUT THIS INGREDIENT. At Amber Cove, we strive to sell the best soap with, of course, the best ingredients. Our soap contains only natural ingredients without unnecessary ingredients. It still foams and washes your skin too! So, if you are ready to try a healthier natural soap, please visit us! 



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