Why an Amber Cove Silk Robe?

Posted by Amber Cove on 2/12/2016
Why an Amber Cove Silk Robe?
Amber Cove customers have asked us questions about the cost of our genuine silk robes. These robes do cost more than the counterpart robes that are not silk.
Silk is a natural fiber. Like pure cotton, 100%wool, linen, or cashmere, it does not contain man-made ingredients. There are no petroleum by-products in pure silk.
Being a natural fiber has several benefits. Natural fibers are renewable and do not create excess pollution for the environment. They also "breathe". This means that they do not cause the wearer to have excess perspiration. When many say they get hot while sleeping, they are likely not sleeping in a natural fiber. Silk naturally keeps the wearer warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.
There are two "F's" of which to be aware: fiber and fabric. Silk is a fiber, and a natural fiber. Rayon is a fiber. While, made from plants, it undergoes heavy manufacturing, straining the environment. Unlike silk, which becomes more beautiful with age, rayon yellows and "piles". Rayon is also commonly used as a cheap substitute for silk fiber. Polyester is another common cheap silk substitute. It is a man made fiber. 
Any of these fibers can be woven to make a satin fabric. All satin is not silk. All silk is not made into satin.
When selecting a robe, be aware of the fiber content. A search for "Silk Robes" can provide you with hundreds of options. Reviewing the fiber, you will discover many are imitation silk-silk like, faux silk, silky feeling, etc.
At Amber Cove, we give you the real thing. Our robes come attractively boxed and ready to give(to a special other or a treat for yourself). Our delivery is via US First Class mail, arriving only a few days after your order.
Invest in quality lounge wear. Elegant and comfortable, order your Amber Cove silk robe today.

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